Makeup for Dark Skin in Australia

Finding the correct foundation for dark skin is difficult...

Makeup for dark skin is difficult to find in Australia, let alone skin products to match a darker complexion. There are, however, a few products that help your look the right shade. There is not a lot of makeup suitable for dark skin in Australia - dark foundations are particularly lacking in variety. Dark complexions come in a various shades and undertones - this is something that many makeup companies fail to capture. There are many instances where there are only 3 or 4 dark options, while the options found in for the lighter shades are more numerous.

So, how do you go about it when you are looking for foundation for dark skin in Australia? One option is to order in from overseas. Some people have worked out a system where they get together with friends and family and place a collective order to save on shipping cost. However, even if you can make it worthwhile in terms of the shipping cost, you are looking at a long delivery lead time.

The more convenient option is probably to buy from expensive brand stores which do sell the right colour range but at a steep price. The disadvantage here is obvious. You might get what you want but you put down a lot more money for it than you are comfortable with.

The last option is to look for speciality merchants in Australia who want to make cosmetics for dark skin affordable and accessible. The problem there is that there aren't many of those merchants and finding one like e.g. Dark Elegance Cosmetics still takes some luck.

So, what can you do in the short term? It's easy. Spread the work about merchants like Dark Elegance Cosmetics to allow them to grow and serve the market better over time.

Blush Colors for Dark Skin

Looking around an Australian city, you would not guess how hard it is to find cosmetics if you do not have very light skin. You will see people of all kinds of skin tones with a large number of people who's skin colour is much darker than that of someone with an Anglo-European background.

Nevertheless, when you go into a supermarket or chemist and look for blushes for dark skin, you will likely find that the palette ends at a much lighter skin tone than it does for a cross section of the population. You may find something that suits a Mediterranean complexion but there is certainly nothing much darker than that. You may be left with going to an expensive makeup shop and spend a lot more than you were planning to to get what you want.

You may say that blushes aren't really specific to skin tone the way e.g. foundations are. But, while that isn't totally incorrect, any makeup artist will tell you that your skin tone still matters when it comes to making a selection. In the end, it is all a matter of contrasts and how colours harmonise and when it comes to that the skin tone you apply the blush to clearly matters.

So, if you want the blushes which fit your darker skin tone to become more accessible, support those shops which already carry a wider range to convince others to follow suit.

What is in my makeup for dark skin

You might be someone who cares deeply about how ethical the makeup products you buy actually are. You might also care about what is in e.g. your bb cream for dark skin. However, do you have any idea how foundations are actually made? How about, you check out what the basic ingredients of makeup for dark skin are?